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Telecom Risk Profile Index

Take advantage of TASDEEQ’s insights to understand individual customer’s financial situation and offer customized products and services for a superior experience.

Telecom Risk Profile Index

Telecom providers are now much more than just voice or data shops, there are a host of products and value-added services on offer for consumers, and Pakistan’s telecom industry has seen explosive growth in subscribers’ numbers in recent months.

Marketing these products and services in the right way to your subscribers is key to superior customer experience.


Credit Risk Management

Uses an Advance Risk Assessment Algorithm to conduct Credit Risk Management

Credit Worthiness

Capability to predict credit worthiness of Telenor subscribers

Credit Limit

The credit limit for each subscriber is defined based on the credit index

Behavioural Data

The index is based on historic behavioral data for score calculation

Periodic Update

Indexes are updated and validated periodically

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