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Credit Score

Get the best offers from the banks in Pakistan when applying for loans or credit cards by keeping an eye on your credit score.

A good credit score will ensure you get credit on favorable terms

If you have any credit facility extended to you, such as credit cards or loans, you have a credit report being maintained by the credit bureaus. The data in your credit report is processed to create your credit score. Credit Score provides insight into the probability of default of a customer.

TASDEEQ Credit Score assigns scores in a range from 200 (very poor) to 600 (excellent), with further bands that provide more insight into how good a score is Our credit score is based on a machine learning model and uses multiple data points

  • Overdues
  • Demographics
  • Loan size
  • Multiple borrowing
  • Details of Co-Borrower
  • Credit history length
  • Institution type

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