Who We Are - Tasdeeq

Who We Are?

Tasdeeq is the first private licensed credit information bureau in Pakistan.  We collect data from member banks and other non-conventional sources such as insurance companies, leasing companies, utilities telcos etc to build a comprehensive repository of credit information data of individuals and corporate entities.

Our innovative products provide meaningful insight and enable prudent decision making. We aim to catalyze growth in the credit market by automating decision making, reducing cost and improving efficiency.

Our software partner has over 2 decades of cumulative experience in Business Intelligence, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence application resulting in continuous software optimization and API integration capabilities.

We have deployed state of the art infrastructure to ensure highest level of security and are co-located at a Tier 3 data center to minimize downtime.

Tasdeeq, is part of the Aequitas Group, which has significant experience in the rating services industry through ownership and management of Pakistan Credit Rating Agency (PACRA), the largest credit rating agency in Pakistan. The group also has ownership in Media Monitors, the largest electronic media monitoring and rating service in Pakistan.

The Aequitas Group has proven track record of incubating and growing diverse business ideas. Moreover,  Aequitas Group has extensive financial advisory experience in multiple sectors including banking, power, real estate, aviation and cement.

Our Core Values


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